Bubble2business will be an opportunity to join a network of local businesses from every walk of life, this event is for all people in business that want to enjoy a few hours meeting new businesses in a social aspect in the local area. Even if you’re thinking about starting a business, this will be somewhere where you can come along and ask questions from people that are already on their journey. Remember no question is ever to silly and if you’re thinking it I’m sure others will be too!


For people that have been in business a while, this is an opportunity to join a group of new people and spread the word of your business, make new contacts even friends a long the way. Our aim is to create a space for people to join a fun and informative group. Where you can enjoy a glass of bubbles after a long day and chat all things business.... or not, you may want to enjoy a few hours away from working at home and come along for a giggle because as much as business is serious we all need a little laugh to get us through and we will be bringing just that to Bubble2business. 


 Remember we all started off as strangers, so conversations with new people are so important. If you’re loving the sound of this night but scared of the concept of having to stand and talk to new people, Bubble2business are on hand and will help you through this process. You don’t have to do anything, just come along and enjoy the event. Tracy or Debbie the founders of Bubble2business will be there to support you. So if you’d like to attend, but you’re worried about walking in by yourself, or the fear of finding anyone to talk too, don’t worry they will be on hand every step. 


“Great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of people” Steve jobs 


We have been extremely lucky that we had each other to start our business, but we’ve still faced a lot of struggles along the way. Some we over came together but some we needed the help of others. By talking to people we have met along the way they really helped us define who we are and what we were working towards. 


We know this isn’t the case with most and it’s a little daunting setting up a business. The thought of becoming your own boss and working the hours you wish to work are of course the end goals, but with this comes lots of questions. Also 

Life can be lonely working for yourself or at home. You might be trying to reach a bigger network of people, you may need some help in answering your questions but not sure who or where to look. Meeting face to face with people where you can brain storm, ask questions, debate and see other people’s point of view is a key factor in creating a successful business. Remember what works for one might not work for you but by discussing ideas you can work out how and what you want your business to look like and how it’s going to work for you. You can share your experiences. Talk about who you may have used for your website or who’s the best company for insurance. This is why it’s so important to join forces with other businesses. 


We are still working our way through business daily and we’re by no means starting Bubble2business because we have it all figured out! We’re starting this because we want to create something a little different for networking. We want to join people together in a social aspect where they’re free to mingle, chat, laugh, make friends and a space to present your business (if you wish to do so) to others attending. 

We’re looking to hold our opening night for Bubble2business on ........ at ........ 


This will be the start of something fresh and exciting and hopefully for lots of people to take full advantage of this free night. It will be an introduction to Bubble2business and the founders Tracy & Debbie. Hear their story and why they’re so passionate about business and bringing people together. 


On the night there will be welcome drinks for all attending with tickets. 

We have the amazing Ray from AFRO*DISIAC  radio station. Nat from Finding Freedom coaching giving us an Insite into ...... A IG influencer talking all things social media. We will also be connecting with others by doing some speed business! This is a way you will be able to Interact with others, swap business cards and have a brief conversation. 



This will be a very relaxed but very informative evening.


so our plan is to create a space for people to meet, talk and bubble together. 


We’re looking for local businesses that would like to have the chance to show case what they’re passionate about in an environment that will be friendly and inviting. 


To join a tribe where we can support, Create and laugh all together. Remember someone will always know someone that needs your service.


So who would be interested in coming along? This will be something that will be held once a month in the local area. Please add your name, business page, or tag someone that you think might be interested in this meeting.


It's easy to assume that a wealthy and successful contact already has everything he or she desires and wants nothing from the likes of you. If you're thinking that way, get over it.... and come to bubble 2 business.