Nannying dates available

Here at Save The Day Childcare we would like to make it as easy as possible for you to be able to check dates of our availability for Nannying hours. This can also be to cover one off day care/evening babysitting or as many dates that we have available. We aim to update this weekly, so you'll be able to check what hours/days we have free.

Below is a list of days/hours Tracy and Debbie have available currently 

All day is a guide from 9am - 6pm


Tuesday 17th March (9am-2pm)

Thursday 19th March (11am-2pm)

Tuesday 24th March (10.30am-2pm)

Thursday 26th March (10.30am-2pm)

Friday 27th March (AM-12.30pm)

Monday 30th March (9am onwards)

Wednesday 1st April (All day)

Friday 3rd April (All day)

Monday 6th April (All day)

Friday 17th April (All day)

Monday 20th April (AM-2pm)

Tuesday 21st April (9am-2pm)

Wednesday 22nd April (9am-12.30pm)

Thursday 23rd April (9am-2pm)

Friday 24th April (AM-12.30pm)

Monday 27th April (All day)

Tuesday 28th April (AM-2pm)

Wednesday 29th April (AM-12.30pm)

Thursday 30th April (AM-2pm)

Friday 1st May (AM-12.30pm)


Also available for school drop offs only. 


Please contact us regarding any evening babysitting and weekend childcare.

We are here to take the stress out of your childcare worries, whatever you need we are happy to help.



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