School Holiday Clubs

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Save The Day Childcare 

presents Star-Kidz Holiday club 


Holiday clubs running from Durlston Court School this ....

Due to COVID-19 Summer holiday clubs will not be running.


Will keep this page updated when the next holiday club will take place  


  4 years-10/11 year olds 9am - 5pm £33 per day

This is something we have been working towards and have put lots of time into creating something special.


We know how difficult it can be to find reliable childcare in the school holidays when families work, so being able to book in advance so families can plan ahead is so important.


We will be running our holiday clubs from Durlston Count School, 52 Becton Lane, Barton-On-Sea, BH25 7AQ 

Durlston Court School is number 1 in Hampshire and Dorset in the Sunday Times for prep Schools, with an outstanding 100% pass rate in common entrance exams. Durlston Courts motto is... "LEARNING WITHOUT LIMITS" and we couldn't agree more. Durlston Court has some amazing facilities and exceptional grounds that we will be taking full advantage of come rain or shine. Durlston Court will also have lots going on for the older children, so if you're looking to have all your children in one place be sure to check out the other amazing clubs they have to offer, which are also available on the link.  

You can also pay with childcare vouchers through the link.

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Everyday children will enjoy a brilliant mix of sports, game’s and creative activities in a secure and safe environment. We are committed to providing stimulating and fun activities to help aid each child’s development and learning. We provide a diverse range of activities which will help each child realise their creative potential and help them gain confidence in whatever they do. learning through play is great at this age. 


Our aim Is to provide outstanding, fun and safe activities for 4 - 10/11 year olds. We understand that children need a fun and stimulating day filled with not only energetic activities but some down time to learn and be creative too. We provide fun and exercise, but also time to keep them focused mentally also.  


Our day is structured with 45 minutes to 1 hour long activities. 


We start our day off with putting together obstacle courses and fun Olympic Games, these will change daily and children can work in groups, pairs or on their own to create games, which everyone will take part in completing. 


This part of the day is great when children have the most Energy. We will be sure to get the most out of them at this time. 

Children will work by working out a plan of how the course will work, to setting up their design. Each group/child will have the chance to set up and tell their friends how the course or games work. This is great for children to work together on communication, problem solving and using their imagination. They will learn to work out situations and plan ahead. Becoming leaders and speaking and delivering instructions. Of course we will be on hand to help with designs and we will definitely be taking part to! 


(This will be taking place indoors/outdoors) 


We then move on to an activity which will be calmer and will allow the children time to work on their quiet skills, being able to listen to each other. Each art and craft activity will be based around themes. (Christmas, Easter, Halloween etc) There will be activities on each day for children to design, paint, colour, stick and make. This will vary day to day but will include... 



Obstacle courses





Den building

Arts and crafts

Treasure hunts


Air dry clay making

Free play


We update our website with all the themes leading up to the holidays, so you can keep an eye on what we will be doing.



This is time for children to enjoy making, painting and being creative. Great for children that don’t want to be active all day long and keep their minds busy as well as their body. 


We then follow the day like this, with one  energetic activity followed by a quieter activity (but still lots of fun)


We cover lots of sports to keep those little legs and arms moving. We cover football, tennis, rounders and dodgeball all great activities for hand eye coordination, playing together and of course having FUN! 


We have lots planned throughout the holidays, below you will see a sample day of what we will be offering.

If you're interested in booking your child's space then please follow the link

or you can message us for more info.

Save The Day Childcare cant wait to spend the holidays learning, laughing and making memories together.


Sample day


Morning registration 9am -9.15  


9.30am - 10.30am 

Obstacle designing - plan and build your own obstacle. Work together or on your own. Everyone has a chance to build and complete the course. 


Snack 10.45am 


11am - 12noon 

Chosen activity-  


12.15-12.45 LUNCH



Acting, Dancing and Singing 

Children can work in groups to create a play, music video or solo singing part. Children will be encouraged to perform their finished piece. They have free choice in what they create, could be a scene in a book or their favourite pop song. We cant wait to see what our Star-Kidz come up with. 








Outside/inside activities - Football, Tennis, scoters, hide and seek, games, running races, tag, Lego and kapla. This is a time for children to burn off some more energy. Staff will be on hand to organise lots of games and competitions. Children will learn how to take turns in our penalty shootout and find the animals in our game of lets go hunt. Children that wish to do something quieter, Arts and Crafts, one-2-one game’s will always be on hard for children to do. 



Time for the group to get together for a fun group activity, parachute fun, reading or quiet play before parents will collect.