You may have spent months,even years planning your big day and  you want it to be the most wonderful memorable day. If you're having children along to the wedding things can get a little tricky as we all know children are very unpredictable.... Wonderful human beings but still unpredictable! That's where we come in... Save the day childcare does exactly that.


We are very much about family, love and fun that's why our service stands out from the rest.
We do not want to turn up on the day of your event, night out, gathering and meet you for the first time, that's not what we are about. We personally want to meet you before the day, we want to work out a structured plan that fits in with you and the ages of the children attending. We don't have one plan that fits all, that's why your event will be personally structured and planned to what fits your needs and expectations.

We know how quickly it can turn from calm and peaceful to manic and tears in the space of 5 minutes! That's why a meeting with yourself and the venue is a must! We want to be prepared for any scenario so your day runs as smoothly as possible.  


We cover from full day childcare to evening babysitting.


We cover one to one with families and the children in there household.The nanny will work solely with each family and provided games, activities, outside play and be on hand to cover meal times,  naps and full bed time routines. Everything can be as flexible as you want it to be and as stress free as we can make it, we know that every family and occasion is different.




Our aim

Is first and foremost the safety and care of the children.
The children have fun.
Your day is perfect and runs as smoothly as possible.

This is where the magic happens...